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How to make iconic logo?

Technically, there is no right or wrong for choosing a company logo. But how to choose and design an effective logo? So that your company logo can stand out from millions of ordinary logos in the market! 

Since audiences relate to a recognizable logo at first sight, the goal becomes making an iconic logo for your company.

But trouble is – When you have a bunch of stylish logo templates as candidates, how to choose and customize an iconic company logo? 

And, Our Strategy Is:

  • Step 1.Analyze your company – culture, edge and goal.
  • Step 2.Learn logos of top brands in the same field, and find out something for inspirations.
  • Step 3.Search & look for logos that meet all related elements & inspirations (via judging color and design style).

Step One:
Analyze your company – the culture, edge, and goal:

Try using words to describe your company with a list, considering culture, industry, spirit, and goal.

For example:

  • *Beer company will picture bubble, wheat, white, black, cheerful, happy, cool,…
  • *Fast food company will picture burger, cheese, fried chicken, French fries,…
  • *Coffee company (i.e., Starbucks) will picture coffee bean, green, brown, tasteful, healthy, a coffee cup, morning sunshine,…
  • *Technology company often pictures circle, sphere, stripes, blue, black, red, etc.
  • *Clothing company always pictures, black, red,…

Step Two:

Glance at top-ranking business logos in your industry and find some inspirations: 

ist a few of famous brands in your field via Google, printed magazines, or elsewhere.

Study their logos, and list out what shapes, elements, fonts and colors that they’ve used.

See if you need something the same, or give some elements a try on your design directly.

Search & look for logo ideas that meet related elements or inspirations:

Step Three:

Run a search of your list that you made in step 2.

Such as,

  • *Beer company logo – Go search “beer”, “bubble”, “wheat”, “white”, “black”, “cheerful”, “happy”, “cool”,…
  • *Fast food company logo – Enter “burger”, “cheese”, “fried chicken”, “French fries”,…, and search.

There is no real right and wrong choice, only which style will work best for your brand. It is up to you to and your logo designer to discuss and then decide which one that would be.

If you don’t have a logo designer to consult with and need help creating a new logo or refreshing an existing one, then we are here to help.

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