5 Simple Marketing Tips for Business Growth

Now is the time of year people start thinking about what’s next in their careers. For some, there may be a next step up the ladder to consider, but for many others, the idea of starting a business is at the forefront of their minds. The new year is naturally a time to consider taking your hypothetical venture and testing it out to see whether there’s a viable business there.

Some people pool talents accumulated from their career to launch a niche business, while others simply have the entrepreneurial spirit to give anything a go. What we know for sure is, no new business will get off the ground without a marketing plan, and the five tips in this article will help ensure your business starts off on the right foot.

Turning your idea into reality can be an exciting time, but remaining level-headed and practical about it is essential. From day one you need to have a long-term strategy. What do you want your business to achieve? From there you can pare it down into smaller, achievable goals to stay focused. Consider establishing three or four realistic, achievable goals to concentrate on so you don’t find yourself in a position of trying to wing it.

Tip One: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

With these questions in mind, you can get a clearer picture of your target audience, and really hone in on your ideal customer. Research and analysis of the market will help you draw a profile of your customer, allowing you to ensure both content and future products are created with them in mind.

Tip 2: Build Your Own Website

The volume of website tools, support, and guidance out there means start-ups don’t need to invest significantly in their first website. Yes, it is your shop window and your chance to get noticed, but the quality of the tools on the market means you can effectively create a landing page with ease.

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Tip 3: Email Marketing—Build your List

Email marketing is a crucial part of any marketing plan, and it isn’t something that will go away anytime soon. It is one of the top three demand generation and awareness activities marketers use, and this is very unlikely to change. Building your list may seem like a difficult practice, especially if you’re starting from zero, but there are ways and means of getting people interested.

Tip 4: Networking and Partnerships: The Sum is Greater Than its Parts

Networking may seem like old hat, but it still works and can be hugely effective. By approaching people face-to-face in the right environment, you’re in the prime position to sell and promote your business. Breaking the ice with a couple of important contacts online can help in attending events and relationships only become stronger when they’re developed in the real world, as well as online.

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Tip 5: Social Media—You May Be Surprised

It goes without saying that the modern business needs a social media presence to back up their website and other business activities. Social media is much more than those vanity metrics—likes and shares. It is something you can develop as a critical way to reach your audience and position your brand.

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